Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jagdeo refutes Stabroek News' Third Term Claim

-SN not interested in carrying the truth

President Bharrat Jagdeo on Friday refuted reports that he is planning to run for a third term as head-of-state of Guyana.

Jagdeo made the denial while referring to an article in Thursday’s edition of Stabroek News, which he said quoted sources from a recent Freedom House meeting. “I have made it clear that that is not true. I am not interested. I am not going anywhere for a third term,” he said, addressing a large gathering of residents of Linden at a return visit at the Watooka Club. He added that he had made this statement numerous times publicly. He said that the Stabroek News is not interested in the truth but rather in fabricating stories. “For them it is more important to sell their newspapers than to report on the truth,” he added.

Jagdeo noted that the media is guilty of not carrying the truth when a response is sent, which he says is an effort to keep the country in a state of confusion. He added that it is a position that has to change. At the time of making the statement Jagdeo was speaking of the government’s efforts to move the country forward and the many negative politics that are attempting to poison the minds of Guyanese.

There would be a need to change policies to alleviate this problem because the influence of the negative politics causes a division of the masses whose energies would have been dissipated causing persons to be unable to work together to build the country. “…They are always suspicious.

There are some among us who profit from stirring up suspicion. They profit from that they want to see people divided in our country,” he said.

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  1. Oh shit,when will these fools call it quits!! How many times President Jagdeo seh he has no intention of running for a third term? These idiots really idle yeah! Deh jus lookin fuh ting fuh mek up page n sell deh bussss news papa!! Chronicle 2 da world!!