Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SKUNT of the day: Sasenarine Singh

Top 10 Reasons why I'm a Skunt!

  1. I beat up my wife.
  2. I put her and our children out of the house.
  3. Took her back when I find out she get government scholarship.
  4. Got fired from all 27 jobs they gave me.
  5. Got her pregnant when there was a chance, that she may not take me to Manchester.
  6. I applied for the Minister of Finance job.
  7. I suffer from delusions of grandeur.
  8. Turned against government when they refused to pay for my Phd.
  9. I'll do anything to get power even join the evil PNC and opportunistic AFC.
  10. I'm consumed by bitterness and can't control myself - "Corbin please take me"


  1. Mr Opportunistic is still trying to weasel his way back into the good graces of those in authority. He must never again be trusted,he and others like him are as loyal as hungry hyenas on the carcass of a wilderbeast. Give him the cold shoulder and a big lolo.

  2. Indeed this man is a big skunt! He is a jackass in wolf's clothing...I really believe he has no conscience based on his actions to close family much less other persons he gets into contact with...Once he can’t get what he wants he vex with the world!...steeewsss...Somebody should present him with a big sotie for him to cool down cause like he on a rampage...he is a what one would term an "ungrately puppy"... because of greed many will perish...It's just as the older folks use to say..."yuh sarry fo magga dag n dem turn bak n bite yuh"