Friday, July 2, 2010

The Chief Magistrate (ag) should immediately rescue herself from presiding over the Sharma rape & obstruction of justice matters

Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson should immediately rescue herself from presiding over the C.N Sharma obstruction of justice matter as well as the one pertaining to rape committed against the 13 year old.

Our request is not unreasonable given that the potential exists for her to be bias as she did her internship at the law offices of Hughes, Field and Stoby, of which Sharma's defense lawyer, Nigel Hugh is a senior partner. Nigel Hugh also visited her at her home last night.

Her behaviour during the time that Sharma was first charged for rape and the first obstruction of justice charge that followed makes and even stronger case for her removal.
First she strangely did not sign the warrant of committal despite remanding Sharma to prison and could not be located to have the same corrected despite numerous efforts made to contact her.
Sharma later faked an illness and spent the rest of the time doing so until he was eventually given bail.
And now that Sharma is once again charged for the repetition of a similar offense she refused to consider the prosecutor's argument in his request for a denial of bail which rested on the fact that the new charge was similar in nature to the one Sharma is currently on, and were the same in essence but that the latest one was separate and more recent in time. The prosecutor said, “All relate to the same case and same witnesses”.

Further, he submitted that the accused will interfere with witnesses or interact with them with the intention to pervert the course of justice. He said in the previous case, there was a likelihood of such, which has now become a reality.


  1. Strange, that given the seriousness of the crime and the criminality being orchestrated by the accused while on bail, that he is not remanded.

    The accused, while on bail, is clearly a threat to the victims and society.

    The magistrate needs to be remanded to prison for being in collusion with the accused to subvert the course of justice.

  2. Haul alyuh shunt! Sharma paid $1.5M to the magistrate thru Nigel Hughes.
    if a poor man did what Sharma did, he would have been sent to prison.
    The Chief Magistarte should be fired immediately for collecting that bribed .
    She is also sleeping with known convicted rug trafficer, Raphael Douglas.

  3. President Jagdeo, fire this Acting Chief Magistrate NOW! She collected money from CN Sharma though his attorney Mr. Hughes.

  4. Indeed this is not the case for her to preside over taking into consideration the latter information. However, on the other hand, it is quite an amusing reality that Sharma hasn’t been remanded or any form of progress in this case has been made...In light of his numerous attempts to get rid of and silence key persons that will confirm his culpability. Sharma is a pretentious Molester who begs on pity of his old age... He should have thought about all these repercussions before he do his filthiness to those poor girls. My contention is, if it were an ordinary citizen, he/she would have already been dismissed and they rass sent to jail... Sharma committed a serious, hideous and life staining crime to these girls and more over watch he physical condition... Eeewwww!!! So why is the case being treated as if it were some sort of accused crime with no sort of supporting evidence or statements, when all the evidence is there and even beyond the court walls?
    Let Justice be served!!!

  5. This should come as no surprise since this is the very woman who dated a convicted drug lord upon his deportation to Guyana. How can one expect her to judge fairly in such case, given her blatant disrespect for her office and the law.

  6. Its clear that she is not dealing with this matter with the seriousness of it.Due to the facts that the accused lawyer and her are good friends that shouldn't be the case,there should be someone else to take over this matter from her and let justice be served for the action and the horror that was caused.