Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Glen Lall has an unusual obsession with Fip Motilall

GT Bluetooth: Bluetoothers now convinced that Glenn obsess with Fip. Ever since Fip get a contract in relation to de project that gon mek electricity real cheap and light bill really “light”, Glenn hold on pun he. Never a day pass since and Glenn ain’t loosing Fip.
Never see a man “hold” on pun another man suh! People want fuh know what Fip do mek Glenn ain’t want fuh loose he!

Long ago, is woman does hold on pun man, but now since de place get liberal, man holding on pun man. Remember de big “man to man” wedding a few years back that mek de front pages? Well de way Glenn holding pun Fip, some want fuh know if dem did get married and Glenn frighten divorce! Glenn in he last Sunday paper, holding binoculars looking fuh Fip and he tool. Some seh Glenn sad that Fip desert he and keeping he tool away.

Dem boys seh when Fip come Glenn gon be happy to see de tool. Dem seh Glenn planning a big welcome. Now, with de Blue Power people fast internet, everybody can e-magine. E-magine de scene when Glenn see Fip! De tight hug-up ain’t gon done! E-magine what de people around gon seh! Dem boys seh Glenn done order de song, “Hold me in your Arms”, fuh play when he see Fip.

It look like holding Fip is sweet fuh Glenn. That mek Fip a “sweet man”. A Bluetoother want fuh know if is Fip “sweet man” tendency mek Glenn suh obsessed with he. “Sweet man” does mek other man get vex. It clear that Glenn vex. Suh if yuh see Glenn with plenty “krazy-glue” know that is not de Waterfalls paper tattered reputation he trying to fix. He meking sure that he stay glue to Fip. He gon be singing, “Baby don’t go”! Hmmm!


  1. Heheee...oh Glen when will the saga end? Why doesn't this man do something positive with his life? In the name of greed many perish...It's a sad thing!!

  2. This look like the profile picture of an ad with this person "looking for a good time" Missing are phone # and preferences.

  3. Oh Kit, You should be above all of this trash.

  4. Anonymous#3 you too are not above what you call 'trash'. Why did'nt you state your name? Are you afraid that we recognise your garments aren't lilly white either?