Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freddie Shit-soon's articles are the outpourings of a bitter, sour puss.

Anna Goodridge: THE libel case that the President has brought against Kaieteur News, its Chief Editor and Columnist, Freddie Kissoon, has been long in coming and no one I’m sure is surprised by this.
Mr. Kissoon has been allowed to go on long rants and rampages about the President, the government and other individuals at will, and with the consent and approval of his co-defendants in this matter, for way too long.

Not only has he spewed filth at every possible investment initiative that has been put forth, but he has ferociously and repeatedly personally attacked the character of the Head of State on numerous occasions and should be made to pay for this. He is bitter and his every written word in the daily Kaieteur Newspaper is indicative of this and shows a complete and total lack of proper journalistic ethics.
Not to mention he is allowed to go on these rampages of personal attacks on a daily basis by the publisher and editor of the newspaper, who ultimately have the final say as to what is printed within the pages of this publication.
I support this move by the President, if it’s only to teach these three individuals a much needed lesson on professional ethics and responsible journalism.


  1. Is bout tym deh dun wit deh crap! All a dem is sum fools...Freddie shit-soon always get a problem wit any good ting dis government do fi dis country...he foreva criticising sumbady...but watch he big greasy head fus ting bout he disin ppl... steeewwsss....all a dem rass license shud get tek way n mek he cyan write no mo

  2. Editor, when you gon mek Nigel Westmaas SKUNT of the Day?

  3. Wow again i think all the people here ferget what it is to be a means i can be a critic of the government and not me afarid of what the government will do. wanting to take someones license because he is a critic is exactly how dictatorship is. what if someone took away your right to express your self and what you believe in. It wouldnt be a nice feeling now would it. So what are you tellin me that everything that this government perfectly. This president has never made a mistake or a wrong decision in all they years he has been in office. what abt the minister that shot at someone sometime back. there was no public investigation into that it was just brushed under the rug. what about the 16% vat that made prices shoot up in this country. look at the percentage of taxes that are commin out of the salary of the ordinary man. look at the duty that someone has to pay on the importation of a car. thats got to be one of the highest in the region. ohh and maybe most of you ferget the minister of home affair once said at a press confrence that he doesnt werk for the people of guyana. so if he doesnt werk for the people of guyana whom does he werk for. ohhh and when the price of weath went up the base product for making flour. the finance minister stood up in the national assembley and said that the price of flour and bread wouldnt go up. ohh please. the president should be able to admit when something is done wrong. and should accept that no matter what is done right or worng there would be critics you know why because no one is perfect. but what you people are suggesting that there should be no critics no watchdog community looking out for the people of guyana making sure that the powers that be do not abuse their elected powers. So what make u different from the bhurnam days. U want to punish someone because they say something that you dont like wow did they hurt you on a level that you cant recover from. ohh please. and calling people obscene name does that make you better than them ohh please. In my eyes you people are the Sk*^Ts of the decade. what do u think abt that

  4. oh please Anon #3 u dnt tell me about freedom of speech and democracy. If it was'nt for the government you would'nt be here defending your pnc and afc stooges. An then they claim there is no freedom of speech and no democracy. Everyone is free to speak whatever they want but what they are doing is abusing the law to they highest extend. You do not use a daily newspaper to accuse the president of being racist and then go on to degrade the people of guyana. Did he consider that this article might cause racial tension within the population??. Guess you didnt even consider it you fuk. Hey hey all the things that you listed above is not even comparable to what the pnc did to guyana in their 28 fucking years of rule. The price of wheat only went up it was banned in the pnc time. They dictator burnskunt used all the money in guyana to shit in his gold tiolet and then put us in a 2 billion dollar debt.. The pnc targeted people and killed them just because of what they used to say .. u ever heard of Walter Rodney.. Where was they investigation into that?.and if your talking of freedom of speech it is our right according to the laws of guyana on freedom of speech to call them a skunt.. Oh an you r a skunt too..