Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AFC sends errand boy to meet 7 supporters in Moruca.

Dominic Gaskin talking to AFC supporters in Moruca

The AFC, by their own admission, was last Wednesday forced to send errand boy, Dominic Gaskin, to meet their 7 supporters in Moruca in light of repeated exposure of infighting and other internal ramblings by the state media.

At the meeting Gaskin handed out 5 AFC leaflets, 3 bottles of Ivanoff Vodka and $10,000 to each person present. The meeting lasted for 3 hours during which Trotman's reasons for wanting to remain leader and presidential candidate of the party was also explained at length by Gaskin.

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  1. Batty boy Gaskin doin heself!! Hahaha!!! Always Fulla Corruption!!! De name speak for itself...they need some serious prayers cause the level of backbiting and judases wa dem duz get on with it ent ordinary! Dem ent reach no way n look ow dem operating!!! Oh judgement bai!!!