Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gary Eleazer was turned away because he failed to meet the security requirement

-State media employees were also denied access because they did not have their GINA press passes.

Kwame Mc Coy: LAST Saturday’s Kaieteur News report titled, `KN reporter refused entry to President’s press conference’ is demonstrative of that newspaper’s unwillingness to subscribe to the rules and regulations governing the media profession in Guyana. It has been a long-established rule that media practitioners, including reporters and cameramen, visiting the Office of the President and State House for assignments, are required to present their Government Information Agency (GINA) press passes to security officials for entry into any of these premises.

GINA is the officially designated agency for accrediting media personnel on application from their media houses and the media passes are countersigned by the Police Commissioner.

Kaieteur News, like all other media houses, is fully aware of this rule. The other 21 media practitioners who attended last Friday’s press conference at the Office of the President had access because they presented their GINA press passes.

It might be instructive to note that Mr. Yohann Earle, reporter of GNNL and Mr. Vishal Seokumar, Studio Supervisor of NCN, were also denied access because they did not have their GINA press pass.

The Kaieteur News reporter, Mr. Gary Eleazer, was turned away because he failed to meet the security requirement.

The Kaieteur News’ declaration that it is not recognising GINA press passes shows that Mr. Eleazer was fully aware that his objective was to challenge the system.

The media is no law unto itself. If we are to set standards then Kaieteur News must follow the rules of the game.


  1. Kn is the most scandalous of them all... It's amazing that they still around till now with all the stunts they be pulling with their reports... Even in the foreign countries you see at various events media houses are required to present their passes (that is why it is called a pass) at these events in order to be a part of what is taking place... it is not given for style but as a strategic means of security and also extended as a professional courtesy…

  2. Fcuk Eleazer. If he's as professional as he pretends to be then what's his problem with security protocol?

  3. When we see a breakdown of standards and procedures the very kaieteur news will say that Guyana is a lawless country. When measures are being taken to ensure that proper systems are in place and those entities like KN who for some reason believe that they have become the law unto themselves, cry foul.

  4. Harry Gill has earned the skunt of the month award. Apparently English Language is too complicated for his untutored mind, so he persist is writing a skundle of bunt in the Kai=whore busepaper. If he has nothing to do, why not go on a septic tank cleaning marathon?