Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Stabroek News came about the 'third term' meeting story.

One Saturday during last month the President along with the Prime Minister, a few government ministers and some senior members of the ruling party decided to meet for a gaffe at Freedom House. One member of the group sent a member of the Freedom House security staff to purchase some egg balls across the road. However, Dennis Chabrol of Demerara Waves noticed the vehicles outside Freedom House and began pestering the guard for information on what was taking place.

In an effort to stave off Chabrol's incessant pestering the guard sarcastically related that a third term meeting was taking place.
Chabrol relayed this info to Stabroek News who then injected their own opinion and continues to stand by this comical falsity.


  1. What if the President want a third term? Let progress continue. Who they got to replace him? Them cackahole like benschop,ram, corbin and sharma? I dont think so, they dont have what it takes. Every one knows what they stand for. Inciting riots,wife abuse stealing and raping, that's not what Guyana needs.

  2. That's just another rationale why Stabroek News should be put on discipline or some sort of fine should be placed upon them for lack of proper journalistic methods and ethics... A news paper company or reporter should not make public an article based solely upon "hear say" but should professionally acquire all the indispensable evidences and sources to back their findings and stories. On the other hand, indeed what is the immense deal if the President decides to run for a third term...I for one would support such a move any day, against all them idiots circulating the list of Presidential hopefuls for this country. President Jagdeo has brought Guyana a far way along with his team, and today we see major developmental strides being made country wide, too plentiful to cite...