Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hamilton Green: No names were put up for a Presidential candidate at PNCR general council meeting.

You have no shame to use such words: “in order to rid ourselves of a creeping dictatorship”.

I understand that you have turned to religion, that might be a good thing.

But do tell us what you have done to rid us of your party's 28 years of repressive rule.
And while you're at it you should first step down from the position you you continue to occupy for years despite the absence of elections.
You see dear Hammie, your words are hallow.
And, since you had an epiphany and developed a particular likeness for quotes, here is one from Mahatma Gandhi; “No doubt religion has to answer for some of the most terrible crimes in history. But that is the fault not of religion but of the ungovernable brute in man”.


  1. Will this guy ever be charged for the murders of Vincent Teekah and Shirley Field-Ridley? He should also face trial for the beating of Lennox Blackmoore and aiding Taps drugs business. Whatever happened to Jenny She don't need him anymore? Of course she knows where to find real sotie.

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  3. When a child is whipped for bad behaviour, he learns from his mistakes and wouldn’t want to experience such a licking again, and he would then deviate from such acts avoiding punishment. I don’t know why people run to religion and expect all their perilous deeds must fade in the wind without the necessary "whiplashes". It doesn’t work that way.