Friday, July 9, 2010

Stabroek News story is propaganda

Dr Randy Persaud: THE Stabroek News headline story (July 8, 2010) regarding a meeting about a third term possibility for President Jagdeo is not true. Stabroek News must desist from circulating material like this, all the while hiding behind so-called ubiquitous informed sources.

The president has repeatedly stated that he will not seek a third term. Stabroek News has basically reprinted a line from an AFC press statement from last month. That press statement itself was an effort to show unity within the sagging AFC.

The main reason for the third term mischief is to provide cover for the deep crisis that is still within the AFC leadership structure. The third term thing peddled by Stabroek News and the AFC is intended to detract from their own dilemmas, and from positive developments within the country.

Readers must recall that it was AFC leader Trotman who was caught red-handed in meetings with top PNCR officials. Apparently the PNCR rejected them.

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  1. Stabroek News and AFC wan dash way!! Is bear dim-witted things these people looking to babble... They really idle... “The president has repeatedly stated that he will not seek a third term”, and yet these imprudent twits still talking a bunch a crap about the place! “Deh bets sort out de big duty corrupted bizness in dem own yawd cuz duz all deh fit fuh! Always Full of Corruption!!