Friday, July 2, 2010

SKUNT of the day!!

Dominic Gaskin

Our SKUNT of the day is Dominic Gaskin, AFC senior member and former part owner of Gaskin & Jackson Jewellery who was kicked out by the other partner in the business.
This failed businessman turned political lackey should know that the PPP is not afraid of contesting elections against any party............much less........A setta Fucking Comics!
At the last elections (and every other free and fair one before) the PNC, which is the largest and only other opposition party that can give the PPP a run, was given a severe drubbing.
Gaskin's AFC cannot compete with the PPP!!!!

Any division in the AFC is as a result of your party's treatment of one set of people ........all bearing the same skin colour........
Ask Gaumattie Singh, Peter Ramsaroop and Khemraj Ramjattan........all token Indos who failed to do their master's bidding.

Is it co-incidental that all those who fell victims in the AFC of Trotman's obsession with power are Indo-Guyanese?
Is it co-incidental that Trotman is more inclined at forming an alliance with the PNC despite Ramjattan's protestations?
Is it co-incidental that Trotman never utters a word of criticism against his former party or their actions since he left?

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