Saturday, March 21, 2009

Caught in the Slips!

A prominent media practitioner was involved in an incident where he fell asleep after one of his 'Daggering' sessions and his young, male partner promptly removed some of his belongings which included a substantial amount of cash and a camera belonging to the media entity that he worked for. After he awoke and discovered the items missing it threw him into a state of panic. If the boss found out it could have spelt trouble since it would've been viewed as an act of infidelity as they too shared a relationship.

As a result, a report of break and entry was made at the Alberttown Police Station where investigators concluded, after finding no signs of forced entry, that the story was concocted.
The media practitioner promptly contacted some friends of his who were of dubious character and purported to be members of the infamous, Roger Khan, led 'Phantom Squad' and the young man along with the camera and other belongings were located.
The young man was released but not after given a sound trashing(Roughing up) and the items promptly returned!


  1. Devil's Advocate stop pussy footing tell the people is Gordon Moseley yuh talking about nuh. He lives in Queenstown so de police at Albertown had to deal with the matter.

  2. Enrico is Gordon Mosely boss and they have a relationship so he could not have reported the sleepover incident to him

  3. Well is this Michael Young again or is this Gordon Moseley?