Saturday, March 14, 2009

The PNC's anti-progressive nature!

The PNC/R's anti-progressive dispensation is quite clear to all and sundry. In an earlier instance we could recall Desmond Hoyte's promise, which he kept, of making the country un-governable under PPP rule and more recently we could draw such inferences from their current objections to Kwame Mc Koy's nomination to the Rights of the Child Committee.

I say this because Kwame is seen to be very progressive in nature and even though some folks are prone to attributing his steady rise to a penchant for consummate Bamzee kissing.........That is not for us to debate here!
I do however, wish to chastise PNC/R Parliamentarians for their attack on Kwame's persona as many of them lack the moral authority to make such pronouncements.........particularly Deborah Backer, whose questionable activities at Globe Trust are still fresh in the minds of many Guyanese........particularly PNC/R supporters!

There are those in the PNC who are of the belief that a particular monopoly on persons of Afro-Guyanese ancestry is theirs and are prone to attack such persons whether they be the Mc Koy's or Edghill's.

Frankly, I have no problem what-so-ever if a person so desires to move from selling Black Pudding on Lyng Street, to Radio announcer at the then GBC, to Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Health, to Press & Publicity Officer at Officer of the President................So why does Deborah Backer? Corbin used to be an ardent vocalist and leader of his Church Chior before he turned to Politics!

People ent able punish no mo unda de PNC!


  1. Debbie's Husband is also in Globe Trust Fraud as well. So de PNC ain't like when black people support the PPP?

  2. These people always jump on the frail issues and forget the bigger picture at hand!

    So what is little Kwame going to do to them that make they chastise him??

  3. Point to note is that only two PPP persons are on this committee-so just look at the advantage the opposition has to do as they please……

    Is a good thing they aint got no nun to do with financial depot for the country…..