Saturday, March 14, 2009

US$2 million Sand export business launched

The adjustable conveyor belt which was
constructed by the company.

The operations of a recently formed Guyanese/Brazilian sand exporting company, which has built a 150 feet wharf and an adjustable conveyor belt at the cost of US$2 million, were yesterday officially launched by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.

The Guyana Sand Port Incorporated is a joint venture between Sri Lankan- born but locally based businessman, Joseph Bhaskaran and Brazilian entrepreneur Rodrigo De Paula, who are both involved in the scrap metal business. Bhaskaran is the Managing Director of JB Metals while De Paula heads up the Brazilian company of Start Metal Trading Incorporation. Read more


  1. This is a good venture, and it provides jobs for sixty person is welcomed. My question is does Guyana have all that sand to mine into the next twenty years?

  2. Guyana is already below sea level now the gov’t is selling sand. This Gov’t will sell the clothes off Guyanese backs in order to make a few bucks. Next the question is who will this benefit some privite company that own by a non Guyanese or the Guyanese people. The Gov’t need to show us the money and how it being spent when this business gets underway. This land is our land and no privite business should reap the benefit. This money should go into the development of Guyana.

  3. Anonymous said: "Guyana is already below sea level now the gov’t is selling sand."
    Comment: The sand in question is not being mined from the seashore. It will be excavated from the hilly sand and clay belt, which is far above sea level.

  4. Yet another investment in Guyana; this is good!

    I wonder if some ah de tint people who gon loose they tinting wuk gon get jobs here…..

  5. Guyana seems to be one of the only countries that is getting investments amidst this financial crisis that is prevailing the world…..

    We got potential and we should start putting it to work and get more investors to come here….