Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Guyanese Policing!

In a style that is similar to this.
The Staffers complained: as soon as they realised that the men were gone the male staff ran to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station, which is located two buildings away from where the robbery took place, only to be told that there were no ranks at the station. “When I reach at de station they call fuh de sergeant and somebody holler and she he deh upstairs sleeping and then another rank come downstairs and scramble me and tell me I look like one of de gunmen.

De Parrot's note: The employees claimed that after making the report it took the Police took half of an hour to respond.


  1. Is this the type of protection being offered to its citizens by the PPP government?
    De Police sleeping! Lmfao!

  2. How will the police know that the store was been robbed?Didn't the store have any surveillance camera or security?

  3. This gives the police force a bad image! A few of these cops need to be fired and then they gon get a grip of themselves!!