Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Corbin shits on GECOM!

-appoints his brother as a GECOM Commissioner after 'meaningful consultations' with AFC & GAP-ROAR

Charles Corbin has been appointed as a commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) yesterday.
Corbin, who is the brother of main opposition party leader Robert Corbin, was sworn in to replace attorney Lloyd Joseph, who died suddenly last July.

The law only requires that the opposition leader meaningfully consult with the parliamentary opposition parties in parliament before advising the president on the three opposition-nominated members of the commission. Trotman recalled that prior to the recent vacancy created by Joseph’s death there had been a vacancy on the commission as a result of the resignation of Haslyn Parris. In that instance, he said both AFC and GAP-ROAR supported the PNCR-1G’s proposal of Vincent Alexander to take up the post. On this occasion he said the two parties should have had the say on the nominee.

He said the two small parties did not support Corbin’s nomination in principle though they had nothing against him at a personal level.

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