Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ya'll think Guyanese bad! De Surinamese badder!

Angry patrons disrupt phony Toni Braxton concert in Suriname

Toni Braxton impersonator
Trina Johnson

What was supposed to be a glamorous stage performance by six-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter Toni Braxton ended in a disastrous event in Suriname in the small hours of Saturday morning with angry patrons in the stands shouting for their money to be refunded.

Minutes after the artiste entered the stage in a packed Anthony Nesty Indoor Stadium, patrons realized that they were conned by show promoter Angel Ventura from ‘Events 4 Suriname’, an entertainment bureau operating here.

Security had to rescue US entertainer Trina Johnson, who was allegedly hired to do an imitation of Toni Braxton from the stage and whisked her away in a limousine. During her second song, people started throwing bottles and other missiles to the podium, while some were screaming that this was a hoax and a rip-off.

Subsequently, chaos broke out with angry patrons looting the bars in the stadium, while others rushed for the gates. Part of the stunned crowd just stood there in disbelief, looking at a by then empty stage.

“This is not happening; I can’t believe this,” a female patron said in disbelief, while her companion was tugging at her arm to leave the venue.

“At least this will compensate for my loss,” a man shouted running away from a bar where he grabbed two bottles of whiskey from the shelves. Read more


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