Friday, March 13, 2009

Guyanese Illegal Immigrants a worrying concern to Bajans!

Barbados Underground: Prime Minister David Thompson has communicated to Barbadians that there will be a shake-up at the Immigration Department. For too long this agency which is mandated under our laws to protect our borders has been falling short. The real possibility of a large unemployed immigrant population is now facing Barbados. Although we did not hear the report a BU family member has reported Guyana’s Consul Norman Faria to be already lobbying for the displaced Guyanese workers employed on the Four Seasons project to be absorbed elsewhere in the Barbados workforce. If we understand correctly this would mean government reallocating work permit status. To say that we find this act by Consul Faria to be an insult to Barbadians would be putting it mildly.

It is understood that at a time of crisis the rule which states home drums beat first must be applied, it is not the ideal position to adopt but understandable never the less. In the United States which practices free trade they have attached a Buy American approach. General Motors and other Amercian companies are cutting workforces in overseas markets first.

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