Sunday, March 15, 2009

Policing Guyana style!

Leon Jameson Suseran : After relating the entire incident to the officer taking the report, along with the fact that I had solid evidence to prove what I was saying, the officer told me to wait for the next time these strangers come.
He then proceeded to tell me to call the station and ask for one Sergeant Coward.
That week passed. The following Monday, the same guy who had verbally abused and attempted to physically attack me returned to my place of work, and I did not feel safe as he was making visual signs of threats to me and others.
I remembered the words spoken to me at the Central Police Station a few days before and telephoned for Seargent Coward, only to be told that he wasn’t there — which wasn’t surprising at all.
I then related the urgency of the situation to the person who answered my call at the enquiries desk.
They promised to send someone. Not taking their word for it, I dialled 911. I related that the boys were once again in the school compound — including the same one who had verbally attacked me. The boys left. No one from the station came.


  1. Well de Police have an excellent system of passing de buck in operation, I think it is a step in the right direction for the officer to provide in advance the system of operations. May I suggest that the next time the boys show up,you take a photo of them, I do believe that would solidify your evidence.

  2. The Police in Guyana ought to act in a more professional manner! They more often than not are responsive instead of preventative. They desperately need to get rid of such a lackadaisical attitude. Of course this should not be viewed as an indictment on the entire Police Force!

  3. Police in Guyana needs some good discipline to ketch themselves!! They tekkin de wuk to easy and forgetting that is peoples’ lives they have to protect…..

  4. She slack though or is so bad she de frighten the man!? When he de show up at my work place I woulda get two of meh friend them and give he a good trashing!!

  5. Leon love to be in trouble with the young boys