Monday, March 16, 2009

Geeta Singh-Knight was wayward child- says her mudda!

‘Wayward, blasted hard ears pickney” was how Mrs. Singh described the young version of her eldest daughter and failed Clico CEO, Geeta Singh-Knight.

In an exclusive interview, Mrs. Singh said that she was not at all surprised that her daughter failed to heed the instructions of Commissioner of Insurance, Maria van Beak in the weeks before Clico failed. “Yes, when she was small, she never listened to anybody and always liked to get her own way. She was not a nice, quiet girl child”, Mrs. Singh lamented. She said that whether it was food, drinks, or boys, Singh-Knight did it her own way as a youth.

The elderly woman further revealed that the Clico debacle and her daughter’s role in it was something she was just “waiting for the hour and the day to come”. Singh-Knight, whose current whereabouts is unknown, wore brassieres at the age of eleven, against the wishes of her father and when she had no reason to.

Asked whether a bit of corporal punishment would have resulted in Singh-Knight being a better person, Mrs. Singh was unsure. “It might, it just might have”, she said, a weird gleam in her eyes.

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