Sunday, March 15, 2009

MAIL BOX: ‘T-Pain’ Concert - A Barbecue Concept?

Calvin Lewis: The promise of reimbursement was considered for those consumers who were able to, on a national holiday; Mash Day, submit their tickets within a four-hour period; between 10am and 1pm and the reimbursements would be paid on the 25th February 2009. This is absurd and a blatant disregard for consumer rights.
To offer an alternative line-up of over used artists as a compromise to an international artist such as T-Pain and expect the audience to accept this and not want their money back is ridiculous. These organizers clearly violated the rights of consumers and therefore should be reprimanded and made to return all money to those who have existing tickets and chose to stay home.


  1. Well Mr. lewis welcome to Guyana where anything goes, on any given morning individuals make decisions that clearly violates the very spirit of the laws and are allowed to do because of who they know. To de black people who always supporting dem shows, boycott de organizers cause at the end of de day is dem mekking all de money and still gat fuh feed yu pickney.

  2. Recently a group of promoters in neighboring Suriname tried to fleece patrons of their money via a faked Toni Braxton concert. I would not be surprised if this happens in Guyana too