Friday, March 13, 2009

What's with the selectiveness?

Shaheed "Roger" Khan.

While much attention and credence has been given to particular statements given by embattled drug accused, Roger Khan, and transcripts emanating out of his U.S trial, it is amazing how little or no focus is being given by media houses here to many other things that were said by Khan.

Khan, who was indicted in the U.S. on April 13th 2006 on charges that he conspired to import drugs into the US between January 2001 and March 2006, had stated back then that "he is perceived by persons in the USA, the Police Force, the Army and the PNCR as someone who has the will and capacity to fight crime and to protect the people of Guyana against a coup d'etat". He also said, "his indictment is actuated by bad faith so that he might be punished, detained and restricted in his movements. He charged that the plan is to set the scene for the PNCR to thwart the democratic process and to fulfil its political ambitions by any means necessary. He contended that the silence of the American Embassy concerning matters of national security is tacit approval of the violent depths to "which we have recently plunged".

He went on by saying that it took a grand jury less time to indict him than it is taking the American government to authenticate the voices on the taped recording allegedly between Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix and PNCR Vice Chairman, Basil Williams. "The disinclination of the Americans to do the authentication and their unwillingness to even comment on my stated close relationship with Felix should be compared with their previous eagerness to listen to the likes of (self-professed death squad informant George) Bacchus, when the professionalism of a PPP/C government minister (Ronald Gajraj) was in question."


  1. Roger said too that he sponsored travel tickets and excursions for a lot of the media people that now writing against he.

  2. Is HENrico one of them? I believe so!

  3. This is the most idiotic posting by the De parrot , are you trying to justify what is unjustifiable, Drugs destroy, and kill all and sundry, the head of this empire is where he is , my questions is why are you walking on egg shells, believe me the media corp in guyana is timid there is a lot of information in the public records about everybody who has ever done business with or for mr. khan that they have prudently chosen not to publish. sometimes it is in our best interest to leave things alone instead of stirring up a hornets nest, mr khan does not need you or anyone else to fight his battles , he has hired competent and qualified personnel to do that job. casting aspersions on the media will not help they have more credibility than you who is writing under a pen name, they are out there name and all. so parrot a word of advice" chose your battles carefully".

  4. It amazes me that a contributor to this blog has the gall to chastise me for using a pen name, when he/she or it has chosen to be Anonymous. Then again i am not surprised, as this is precisely the type of double standards by you folks in the media that i sought to highlight in creating this post.

  5. you keep avoiding me comments , I just want to build your "aspirations" to quote yu in your response to me, what you did was deceitful, they should fire you. Ah gon write a letter to the newspapers about you.