Monday, March 16, 2009

Stanford Sucker!

You guys must have remembered Lennox Cush of Stanford 20/20 fame. This same Cush is reported to be one of the victims of Standord's fraudulent buisness. Here is is seen patronizing Director of Sport and a Presidential Advisor


  1. Do you see when you are foreign minded what happens. He invested his money in an international bank and today he have loss all of it. That's why I trust my local banks here in Guyana.

  2. Cush smart! Dah is wha I could tell yuh……
    He mek sure he deh wey de money deh!

    Is how like I seeing wan set ah ole people pon this walk tho…da is de “stalwarts” the PPP got!?

  3. PPP lead others follow,them old bais show the people they still got it in them to lead the pack.