Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Roger Khan's debut Album to be in stores shortly!

Roger Khan

Music fans the World over are eagerly awaiting the release of Guyanese 'Singer' Roger Khan's debut album release titled 'De Phantom of De Opera' which is scheduled to be released very shortly. The album is jointly produced by the U.S D.E.A. along with the FBI and is likely to taste huge success, particularly with Guyanese music lovers.

The album features songs titled 'I fall to pieces', a duet with another Guyanese singer, David Clarke titled 'It's either or either' and another where he's reportedly lashing out at local politicians titled 'On what a tangled web that we weave'.

Already music lovers are touting this as one that is bound to top the charts with its ear catching beats, synchronization and catchy lyrics.


  1. Just a few weeks ago when the AFC was accused of having drug links i said that the Pee pee pee is linked to Roger Khan and soon we will all hear the truth:D.

    I will love to hear that song..i know that the lyrics will be tight:D

  2. Like he turn a douglas or wha?? All these men going to jail and coming out with albums-all ah them turning brothers in deh man….jail got them good!

  3. I like de album name though, it suits the scenario. RK is multitalented mann :-)