Friday, March 13, 2009

Where is The Discrimination?

It was released today by the media that Vincent Alexander is the new Registrar at the University of Guyana? This is the very guy who was on the PNC'S Slate. He was the leader of the now defunct Team Alexander and yet the PPP/C GOVT, has seen it fit to offer him such a high position at the premier tertiary institution in the country


  1. Are you admitting that the PPP runs UG, something that the party is at pains to deny? Anyway, Alexander deserves the job. He is the most suitably qualified for it.

  2. The mere fact you have to direct attention to the appointment of a singular black man to a position he is suitably qualified for speaks volumes to your motives. ie the subliminal message is that an Indian Government has promoted a former opposition member of parliament to a substantive post so congratulate us, we have done a good deed
    this singular black man represents a process of promoting black people to positions of authority therefore this equals No Discrimination !. Well Covert rethink your game plan , Mr. Alexander meritorious promotion is just that, since the majority of blacks are simply denied positions in the upper level of management because of the color of their skins and the kinkiness of their hair, it is a fact.

    Congratulations to Mr. Alexander, job well done.

  3. What ever happen to the dictatorship Govt.?? Like they are loosing their touches…..

    I thought in Guyana no black man use to get high positions-is wha is this hey!?