Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Karranamus Fired By GWI Board!!!

A despondent looking Karran Singh
after he was fired today!

C.E.O of GWI Karran Singh was today given the Boot by GWI's Board of Directors . We are trying to ascertain the reason for his dismissal.


  1. Poor Karran!! They should drop two lash in he ass to!!

  2. This is jokey business this man gat nine lives no matta wha he do , he know de job his is, de board betta look out dem doan get fired for firing de head man, de las chairman wha fire he was fired and he was returned to his post,,,I say a waste of time, GWI board should have better things to do. Yuh fooling yourself , yu fooling yourself, karran gat he job watch yu gon see, hehehheheeh

  3. I wonder if they cut his water supply off

  4. De man does get it in "he ass" all de time.
    Dem bai say that he might ask JR Burgers for mind he now since he outta wan job