Friday, March 27, 2009

In the April issue of Outside magazine 35 Adventure Trips of the Year for 2009 are announced. Guyana is featured as the Trip of the Year for South America. In a short piece titled, "Trek the Big Empty," the magazine profiles the tour operator Geographic Expeditions new trekking trip to Guyana.Michael McCrystal, Geographic Expeditions' associate director of marketing visited Guyana in April 2008 on a GTA-USAID/GTIS Guyana Sustainable Tourism Initiative familiarization trip. More information on their Guyana tour, developed after participating on the GSTI fam trip, is at: magazine is the leading outdoor and recreation magazine in the United States. The magazine has a paid subscription of more than 675,000 and a monthly readership of around two million people. For more on the magazine, visit your reference, I have attached a scan of the magazine's cover and the short piece on Guyana.
Kirk SmockSenior Writer
Guyana Sustainable Tourism Initiative


  1. This is certainly good news, and I am not trying to dampen anyone's spirits, but we need to be cognizant of a few facts. The subscribers to the Magazine are well travelled persons who would first check with the Travel Advisories issued by the State Department, the British and Canadian Governments, this is a matter of routine since you need to be au fait with the country you are visiting, the beautiful sights , tours etc., does not mean a thing if one reads about the danger lurking on the road from the airport, etc., Now I would ask Devils Advocate to post those Advisories on this blog so we as Guyanese can make suggestions via email and letters about how we feel to see such words being used in the context of Guyana. I do not know what our seasoned Foreign Affairs Officers are doing in Washington, London and Ottawa . I am fully aware that if our Sister CARICOM countries disagree with a certain word, they make that know through their respective Embassies and the wording or statements are adjusted, and that is a fact. So I suggest that the Ministry of Tourism get on the ball and start the process by changing the ABC perception of Guyana which they sell to BILLIONS of persons. May I remind you DR that the magazine reaches around two million. Kirk Smock "of Guyana Sustainable Tourism INITIATIVE is certainly not earning his keep, he needs to show some initiative and make a contribution to fixing the foundation, yu kant bild ouse pon suck sand.
    One Love

  2. Guyana going places!!

    Tourism is one area the Govt. is paying much attention to and this certainly vindicates that.