Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor turn-out at PNC/R's protest outside of Parliament yesterday is further proof of their slide towards irrelevance!

The PNC/R's protest against Kwame Mc Koy's nomination to the Rights of the Child Commission outside of Parliament yesterday is a Microcosm of a problem engulfing the party at large.
Yesterday's crowd, numbering somewhere around 15, was comprised mostly of PNC Parliamentarians and RDC Councillors.
Also, attempts to mobilize persons from the Charlestown, Albouystown and West Ruimveldt areas yesterday were met with strong consternation as persons complained of growing tired of the PNC''s useless, tiresome and with-out any merit, protests.
One person whom an attempt was made to recruit was heard loudly proclaiming "ah ent able line up fa no Salt Fish and Cook-Up with Lime drink when ah dun"!

Yesterday's protest seems to be proof of the PNC being far removed from those days when they mobilized hundreds, chanting, screaming, robbing, looting and burning down Regent Street!


  1. Parrot is true! I remember those days when after traversing Georgetown in the hot sun looting and burning, we had to line-up at Sophia and Amna Ally would be insisting that we sign before collecting our Cook-up and Salt Fish!

  2. Deh mussey ent got nuttin to offer deh supporters now dat's why people ent wan protest. Plus nuff ah dem protesters deh in Antigua, Barbados and Cayenne, either thieving, prostitution or working.

  3. They probably saying "wuk pun he" They protest and do obeah simultaneously

  4. PNC has lost it. they are toothless and visionless. Imagine they going after the young black man Kwame all because he is not with them. They are fucking stupid.

  5. Deborah Backer and her sister Dawn Murray from GAC were whores in the street fighting for men.

    She is one of the most commonplace members of the PNCR who presumptiously accusing Kwame Mc Coy of being contentious, confrontational and rabid. Imagine her bravery,...where is the Globe Trust money?