Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I support the ban on music in public transportation!

I'm strongly in support of Legislation instituted that out-laws music in public transportation!
And therefore, welcome with some amount of relief the Police's announcement that they intend to take strong actions against those that are found in breach of such legislation.

Here is why! A few days ago I was on a Bus plying the Stabroek East/West route on my way to visit an aunt that lives in the West Ruimveldt area. As the bus approached the corners of Hunter Street and Mandela Avenue I realized that I needed to fart. Being that the bus was over-crowded and the music was loud, I decided to time my fart with the beat of the music .
After a couple of songs I felt much at ease as I had farted in excess of 20 farts.

It soon became time for me to disembark, as the bus had reached my destination. Whilst leaving the bus other commuters were staring at me in amazement, something which I had found to be very unusual as I'm not accustomed to this high amount of attention. But just as I was about to take the next step was when it occurred to me that the music I was listening to was actually being supplied by my Ipod.

Can you imagine the shock on my face?

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  1. Is your government that bans music in Bus? Guess everyone needs to have an ipod now. Those things are expensive.