Friday, March 27, 2009

Corlette at it again!

Clemente Corlette

PNC/R Region Four Chairman Clemente Corlette has a craving for controversy it seems, as he is at it again. This time he created quite a stir when he sought to appoint 2 PNC/R Councilors to the Procurement Tender Administration Board which was rejected by the Regional Executive Officer.

The procedure in awarding contracts in excess of $600,000 was by through tender board. After advertising, evaluation is done by the evaluation committee as directed by the Procurement Act. Awards are then made by the Regional Procurement and Tender Administration Board.
It is the evaluation committee’s responsibility to recommend to the board the most responsive bid, taking into consideration, the ability of the particular contractor to carry out such works, which includes money, machinery and manpower.


  1. He smart tho…..trying to get he PNC comrades where the money deh! Always trying to rob de system…….

  2. corlette wan de same thing like kwame Ah good buggering!!

  3. Corlette is a Jackass, local government elections coming real fast doan worry he gon get kick out soon.