Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do nothing fear nothing Glen!

Glen Lall

Why is Kaieteur News publisher so worried about his Tax file being in the possession of the Auditor General's Office? Do nothing fear nothing!
But then again Glen might have quite a few skeletons in his closet, particularity as it relates to the construction of a huge shopping mall at the corners of Regent and Wellington street which Glen is purported to have a huge stake in instead of the front man claiming to be the owner. We here at Liveinguyana were made to understand that up until recently the pruported owner was a clothes vendor in the Stabroek Market! How is it that a person who sells clothes out of a few suitcases comes into possession of so much wealth? And why was Glen Lall's U.S Visa revoked?


  1. look at this man face is a criminal..the split image of a crook

  2. Glen Lall and Enrico Woolford were buddy friends of Roger Khan and they all had their favours. Did you see the statements and pleadings by Roger Khan.

  3. Besides being a crook, he is also a murderer. Find out how many people he killed?
    He bought the whole police force as his private property.