Monday, March 23, 2009

Freddie upset b'cuz de Cricket Commentators said de Stadium nice!

In his column today Freddie 'De Ugliest Indian' Kissoon severely chastises cricket commentators David Lloyd and Fazeer Mohamed for their description of the Providence Stadium as being amongst the best in the World. Being his usual lunatic self he went on a rampage against these two learned individuals.

In one paragraph he asked: "Would they accept the conditions of the main streets and roads in London and Port-of-Spain respectively that eventually destroy your vehicles? I don’t want to mention UG but in my heart I feel deeply about the demise of that institution."

Since you don't want to mention U.G we will!
Would Lloyd and Mohamed put up with having their children being lectured by an academic failure such as Freddie Kissoon at the premier University in Trinidad & Tobago or the U.K?

Would they put up with having their children lectured to by a thief who's devoid of any credibility?

Would they put up with having their children listen to his daily anti-PPP rantings instead of Pol 110 & 120?

Well it is with this in mind that I dare say; FUCK YOU FREDDIE!
Maybe you ought to take a trip very soon to Vybz Kratel's 'Ramping Shop' for some good 'Daggering'!

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