Sunday, March 15, 2009

I thought these things were only restricted to CBJ International Airport!

-Jamaican singer Sophia Brown robbed whilst making her way through security checkpoints at the Norman Manley International airport!

Sophia Brown

Love You Pure songstress Sophia Brown was robbed of US$2,000 while she made her way through the security checkpoints at the Norman Manley International airport yesterday. The disgruntled singer said that she is publicising the incident because she wants other travellers to be aware of their personal items at all times.

"I didn't even realize that the money was gone until I got to LA and decided to pay for something and then I realized that the envelope with the cash was gone. I know that it happened in Jamaica when I was going through a security checkpoint because that was the only place that my bag was searched," she said.

Ms. Brown explained that she realized that one of the security officers had begun searching her bag while asking if she had coins in her bag. She replied 'yes', but asked the officer why she had been searching her bag without first asking her permission or waiting until she was present. Ms. Brown said that she had not even bothered to look through her bag to see if anything was missing because she had been hurrying to catch the flight to L.A., California.

"I feel that the whole thing is rather disgraceful, I only had US$51 left. What if I didn't have a credit card? What would have happened? I would have been stuck in LA without any money. I am just using this opportunity to warn travellers to be careful with their valuables when they are going through the airports."


  1. The caption for this is funny!! Well now we know that not only in Guyana this happens….

  2. Is a good raise the person got though….US$2000 in these times is good paper!!