Friday, March 27, 2009

Checks have revealed that UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues, Gay Mc Dougall's work in all of the countries she has issued reports on have been rejected. Mc Dougall is being accused in all these cases of unilateralism, straying away from her manadate, misunderstanding of her role among other charges. The most recent countries joing Guyana in protest over reports she submitted on their minority issues are Ethiopia , Dominica Republic, Greek and Austria.
In all cases she used selective groups of anti-government, bias and partisan sources to come up with her findings. The UN needs to take these protest seriously.

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  1. Suggestion instead of listing countries that found her reports obnoxious , I would recommend you start a signature campaign from all Guyanese registering their objections to the findings, that would be more effective than by calling her names,"oops my slip is showing too" , really we have to utilize new concepts to make our voices heard. The Report is already accepted at the UN as a working document to be discussed with the Conference Committee--Hello where is our Ambassador and Representatives, what are they doing?