Saturday, March 21, 2009

Freddie De effing thief!!

Is anyone aware that in spite of his daily diatribes about all levels of government corruption, U.G Lecturer and Kaieteur News Columnist, Frederick 'Freddie' Kissoon, was arrested whilst in Canada for stealing 2 books from a charitable book store?

Yes Freddie that vehement critic! An ordinary fucking thief!


  1. This shop lifting story with Freddie is a while now he is no innocent dood. suck a puss freedie

  2. He failed university too in Canada and he is the worse lecturer at UG. What is Prem Misir and the others doing about this guy who spends most of his time writing for kaietuer news daily and neglecting the welfare of us students at UG.

  3. Why bother with Freddie, non of us can really help him except is wife who is as stupid as him, he wants a good daggering/fucking.