Monday, March 23, 2009

Ms McDougall carry ya rass!

Gay Mc Dougall

It is quite logical to assume that if Ms Mc Dougall, being of African American descent would have spoken to some Farmers/Bandits from the Buxton and Agricola area and their supporters at Kongress Place followed by a five minute sit-down at Oasis Cafe with Freddie Kissoon (who's ashamed of being an Indo-Guyanese) along with Mike Mc Cormack, she'd have come up with this Bundle ah Skunt.

Her work could have been much easier had she bought her ass a ticket to anyone of the two ODIs recently held at Providence Stadium or gotten one free, minus refreshments, courtesy of Office Of the President, as it would've surely negated the need for a dose of Senna Pod to purge her inside of all that Shit!

Where is the deep ethnic polarization that Mc Dougall referred to?
Do we have segregated communities in Guyana?
Aren't all Guyanese open to equal opportunities in Guyana?
Don't Indo-Guyanese and Afro-Guyanese live side by side in Guyana?

Soon they'll come with a survey that says the government of Guyana marginalized Black Drug dealers thereby allowing the Indians to dominate the Drug trade too!


  1. Ya think Jagdeo didn’t her any refreshments when she visited OP that’s why she talked all da trash??
    Cause we done see how people does behave when they aint get anything to eat-the reporters that complained of not getting snacks at the cricket match!!

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  3. De senna pod has to go to her BRAIN because that's where all the shit is. She needs a cerebral flushout.

  4. De senna pod has to go to her BRAIN because that's where all the shit is. She needs a cerebral flushout.

  5. Something drastic needs to be done about this Freddie Kissoon. He's like a termite undermining a good house. Why is this traitor allowed to roam and foam freely in Guyana?

  6. Gay McDougall exposed the situations people faced in Guyana. She went to the grassroots and looked at the living conditions of people. I was in Corentyne, a month ago. Everyone there feels that they have a GAY President, and abhor every thought of him. there are numerous kids,old men and women begging in the streets. So many atrocities in Guyana, unreported by your Fagdeo and people like you. You guys report how savvy the country is, bull, it's all parer as usual. Ms McDougall came out with the FACTS and everyone of playing offense and defense, now. tell your amn Fagdeo to resolve the problems.