Monday, March 16, 2009

Hamilton Green exposes PNCR's hate for PPP Afro-Guyanese supporters

When asked to give his opinion on Kwame Mc Koy's nomination and subsequent appointment to the ROC Commission, Georgetown Mayor and former Prime Minister under the then PNC government, Hamilton Green confirmed what we here at Liveinguyana have been saying in relation to the PNC's perception of having a monopoly on all Guyanese of African origins.

The now self-righteous Mayor stated "the PPP can surely find other ways to reward those who seem to be the lineal descendants of Esau who sold a birthright for a mess of pottage"!

Oh Skunt Cobin! Is suh hard ya fucking head hard? Of all de people is Hammie ya'll select fa give people lectures on issues of morality and ethics?
De people dem mek ah mess ah he pon de Stabroek News Website

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