Friday, March 27, 2009

New Thriving, like so many other businesses, continues to demonstrate tremendous confidence in the Guyanese Economy!

Style and Splendour

An outer view!

The brand new location, again on Main Street will open its doors today. Like nothing you've ever seen, this restaurant (restaurant would be an understatement); this Oriental food emporium (the menu now includes Thai and Japanese cuisine and daily Dim Sum) is of a magnitude, and magnificence probably only seen in the worlds biggest cities, and certainly not in little old Georgetown. This place is opulence personified. It is obvious no expense has been spared. “We want our customers to feel special”, says Fung, “Whether they are rushing in for some coffee or ice cream, want to have a romantic meal, or are entertaining a large group – when they are here, even for a short time, they will be looked after, they will get what they want, and they will get it in style”.

Style indeed. That is an understatement. Let me attempt to describe the new New Thriving restaurant. Part Buckingham palace, part Taj Mahal. When you enter, you are greeted by a gigantic golden ornament flanked by two marble elephants. The ground floor has been reserved for customers who wish to order take-out, sample one of the many varieties of pastries, ice creams, grab a coffee, or simply sit and enjoy one of the what seems to be hundreds of dishes that decorate the walls. Even if you aren't hungry when you walk in, you will be once you see the glossy meals that adorn the serving area. Take a walk up a short flight of stairs, duck to avoid contact with a chandelier the size of a 4-wheel drive vehicle and you are in another great ball-room of a restaurant. Truly magnificent appointments catch the eye at every turn. Read more


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  2. Good to see investments continuing to come in the country. The Govt. is working hard to protect our economy for the global financial crisis and this says well for the business community and the economic status of our country.

  3. This is a really nice restaurant!! Just imagine the crowd that will be there for the opening this evening…..

  4. See wha happen deh-that is why chiney man don’t play football!

    Ya give them a corner and they open a restaurant!!