Wednesday, May 18, 2011

87 Buxton/Friendship youths complete skills training while Granger talks about so-called crisis facing them

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee with some of the graduates

Under the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Citizen Security Programme (CSP), youth life skills/vocational training programme, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), another batch of youths graduated in 11 different categories of vocational training.
The graduation ceremony attracted a full audience, and it was dubbed the largest. It was held at the Christian Victory Mission, Company Road, Buxton, East Coast Demerara.
The training programme commenced on October 4, 2010, with 93
students, however 87 completed the programme.
Buxton/Friendship Community Action Officer Margaret Barnes, in her address, said that the six months of training were challenging, nevertheless, perseverance from the students pulled off a successful programme.
Delivering the charge, Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, said that the skills the youths acquired are in demand in various countries.
He alluded to Guyana’s emerging economy and the developments in the various sectors, noting that citizens’ contributions are vital to the development process.
The minister charged the youths to continue to contribute to their community and to the country.
Community Action Specialist, Rosanne Purnwasie, remarked that the ultimate purpose of the programme is to lower crime in 10 targeted communities.
She said that the initiative is structured so as to attract school drop-outs between the ages of 15 and 20, so as to provide them with the opportunity to learn a trade and at the same time engage them in meaningful activities.

The graduates were awarded with certificates in various programmes, including cosmetology, data entry, computer training, joinery, cake decoration, masonry, electrical installation, child care, food preparation and baking.


  1. We must remember that Granger is a murder and that he is not sure of what he is saying,this is what the PNC and AFC member and leaders have in common the open there mouths and display there stupidity without even doing proper investigation of what is going on around this country.

  2. Granger and his PNC cabals are stuck in the past, the period way before the PPP Government took over Guyana, steering it to what it has become today. The PNC wants to take Guyana into back in history where education wasn’t free and there was no freedom of expression. Nonsense!