Saturday, May 7, 2011

If Magistrates had done their work properly murdered Industry Businessman would've been alive today.

Edward Skeete

Roy Rogers: IS the spectre of seemingly unjustified sentencing of criminals again raising its ugly head?
I am specifically referring to the accused in the wanton killing and robbing of Industry businessman Bedi Ramjewan.
What is so glaring is that the very accused, Edward Skeete, was charged on the 3rd March 2011 for the robbery of a Vryheid’s Lust businessman and is presently on G$60,000 bail. It is also notable that Skeete was charged in July 2008 with armed robbery perpetrated on a Werk-en-Rust businessman and surrendered to the police after a shootout in which his accomplice was killed. This begs the question of why was a man with such a history of armed violence allowed bail, instead of being imprisoned?
Some years ago a senior member of the judiciary and other magistrates were given cold-shoulder treatment by the authorities when it was thought that there was a spate of inappropriate sentencing.
Maybe Mr. Ramjewan would have been alive today if the accused Skeete was incarcerated for his crime committed in March 2011.


  1. Some in the Judiciary especially magistrates are sympathetic to criminal friends and family and profit from the loot, the govt needs to set up special courts with special magistrates for those who are robbing and killing out our hard working citizens,no bail should be given for gun crimes, act now.

  2. The only hope Granger and the PNC have for winning the election is if the crime rate rises,it is the perception that they are supporting criminals.

  3. They should have law in place when from gun crime on bail or remand cause if the magistrates had looked at this man robbery spree which he commit while back with seriousness, he wouldn't have been on the road to commit a next act.

  4. With cases like these it show where the magistrate are lacking and that there need to be system put in place that when a anyone meets the court room for robbery under arms murder and it is not there first time the taught of giving the bail should be put into serious consideration.