Monday, May 9, 2011

Eric Phillips of ACDA is no different from the PPP he criticises-Dennis Chabrol

Ogunseye and Dennis Chabrol

In a letter published in the Kaieteur News today, publisher of Demerarawaves internet site Dennis Chabrol lashed out at Eric Phillips of ACDA in response to a letter published the day before and written by Phillips in which he accused Chabrol of placing an internal ACDA document on social networking site, Facebook, to create controversy between Tacuma Ogunseye and himself among other things.

Chabrol wrote that Phillips "is no different from the PPP or the PNC when it was in government on matters of the media" since for him(Phillips) the media must toe his line or nothing. Apart from disparaging his character he also hinted about Phillips' involvement in questionable financial practices with respect to ACDA's finances.

Phillips in his letter wrote that he, as well as many others are convinced that lies were told to Brother Tacuma Ogunseye by Chabrol about Phillips giving a tape to Presidential Adviser, Odinga Lumumba.

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