Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thousands of US teachers receive layoff notices

While local teachers have just benefited from a handsome 5 year agreement signed between the government and the Union representing them their counterparts in the US are not so fortunate.
Thousands of US public school teachers have received layoff notices in Michigan's Detroit district, Detroit public school administrators say.
According to the administrators, the move is part of the district administration's plans to scale down its workforce amid a drop in student enrollment and a mounting budget deficit.
Detroit public school administrators say over 5,700 members of the teachers union have been served notices.
The layoffs will come into effect by July 29. The move comes a month before the district is to revise union contracts using the state's new emergency manager law.
The layoff notices are required under the collective bargaining agreement.


  1. Looks like many will teacher that left Guyana to go to the United state will be returning for there teaching Jobs in Guyana.The Guyanese teacher need to be thankful for the increase that they receive from the Government and the fact that they remain in this country to peruse there teaching career.

  2. i do hope that some of the sensible ones return to guyana an help in developing our educational systems more.