Monday, May 30, 2011

Stabroek News and accountability

The Stabroek News continues to exhibit a bias in its reporting on issues relating to the Government and this new stance has accelerated with the death of its founder, David De Caries. In fact since De Caries' death the newspaper has become the mouth-piece of the AFC.

One example is the SN Editorial of May 19, 2011 which focused on accountability. Its author conveniently highlighted questions and concerns that arose from the audited accounts at the level of the Public Accounts Committee, which is all in keeping with democratic norms.
However, the Stabroek News tried to present those concerns and findings as part of some corrupt scheme and in the process vilified and denigrated the efforts of the public officers from the Clerks right down. The newspaper deliberately left out the many responses and clarifications and procedural correction measures put in place or offered to satisfactorily resolve the issues that arose.

More often SN's coverage of certain matters are in sync with the opposition and are all slanted to make the government of the day look discredited.

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  1. SN has over the past year has been doing work for the opposition and especially the AFC since the editor in chief is a supporter of the party.So we cant except a change in this media house no time.