Monday, May 2, 2011

Few, insignificant PNC/AFC protesters incapable of disrupting enthusiastic crowd at PPP/C New York event-Harry Gill

"There were much more placards than the 30 or so protesters, which was an indication that the opposition expected, or had hoped to get more people to join their camp"

PPP/C New York meeting

Harry Gill: I attended the meeting in New York with President Jagdeo and PPP/C presidential candidate Donald Ramotar, and in a word, I was impressed!
The few and insignificant protesters that were there, were incapable of disrupting the enthusiastic crowd that turned out in support of the PPP/C presidential candidate, and did nothing to change the opinion of anyone there, myself included. There were much more placards than the 30 or so protesters, which was an indication that the opposition expected, or had hoped to get more people to join their camp. This clearly did not happen.
I went there with an open mind, to listen objectively as I’m not one to be fooled by rhetoric. After listening to addresses by both Mr. Ramotar and President Jagdeo on the infrastructural development taking place in Guyana, I had to agree that most of what was said is consistent with what I have seen throughout my travels to various regions of Guyana both last year and again during March of this year.
I believe that if more Guyanese take the time as I have been doing, to travel throughout the vast regions of our beautiful and picturesque country, they would be in a better position to make an informed decision as to which political party is best to entrust the future of our nation. Readers of Kaieteur News would know that I have been a major critic of the Jagdeo Administration for a long time, and I still believe that the President’s authoritarian style of governance is much to be blamed for all the criticism he has brought upon himself.
But if you look at things objectively as I pride myself of doing, you will be hard pressed not to admit that Guyana is now back on track. It has taken a very long time, but as the President rightly reminded us, the hole that we were left in after 28 years of PNC rule, was an astronomical one to climb out of. It has taken a very long time to reduce the US$1billion debt that were owing to foreign governments and banking institutions, while at the same time, increasing essential services such as healthcare and education throughout all regions of Guyana, and we have only now reached the surface.
The dream of owning a home for most Guyanese have been realised, with thousands more soon to follow. These cannot be denied. The Amerindian communities have benefitted immensely from the policies of the PPP/C, especially in areas of education and healthcare, and they will not forget that.
I have no loyalty to anyone or to any political party or organisation, and I’m too independent to have my values compromised. My only agenda is to foster our nation’s well-being and fight for equal opportunity for all. It is never easy to admit one’s mistakes, but I am man enough to say that I have been judging the President a bit too harshly.
For with all his faults, Guyana has made steady progress under President Jagdeo, and I firmly believe this progress will intensify and blossom into something much more beautiful under the leadership of Donald Ramotar if elected.
The main concern facing the Guyanese people at this time is the surge in violent crime which the authorities appear incapable of stopping. And it is certainly not good enough to retain the status quo. If the Minister of Home Affairs and the Commissioner of Police are incapable of bringing this scourge to an end, heads must roll, and roll now. It is important for Donald Ramotar, in his capacity as Political Advisor to the President, to promote zero tolerance for incompetence and insist on getting results from those placed in positions of authority. It is obvious to me and I’m sure to most Guyanese, that neither Minister Clement Rohee nor Police Commissioner Henry Green has a clue on how to stop the everyday robbery and killing of our businessmen and women, the same people we depend on to create jobs and to boost the economy.
Loyalty can no longer be reason to carry dead wood in any administration, and I sincerely hope that there will be a major overhaul of the cabinet when Donald Ramotar is elected, as I hope he will.


  1. Despite the protest the people didnt had time to be brother by them has they came out to hear what the new presidential candidate had to bring for the development of their home land Guyana.

  2. This meeting had to go on by all means so the people that had time to waste and do nothing constructive was no bother to the people who was attending the PPP New York meeting