Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A response to Sherlina Nageer and SASOD: Balderdash Epitome

by Doza Medicine

When the above Sherlina Nageer and SASOD mentions that their first problem is that “that alcohol would be available there,” that is at the National Stadium, during ‘Feminition,’ and that the cost of the event is $15 million ( not a huge sum of money), they are really struggling (with a vapid brain) to conjure up debunking factors, which really do not exist in this discourse.
First, tell the public, where and when one cannot buy alcohol. Or inform the nation, especially women, where and when alcohol is a prohibited beverage. Also, the Nageer needs to visit Sheriff Street, or any night spot, and see since when (at least in Guyana) women and alcohol have been in opposition.
The two intersect and this somehow missed by you folks.
So for SASOD, having no alcohol at the stadium translates into a coercive force which debars the distaff members from the substance. How Silly!

Secondly, maybe, Nageer and SASOD prefers that the $15 million Guyana dollars be equally divided among the alphabetic listing of their coterie of victims. So instead of addressing the ‘cause’ in a collective manner, they prefer that the ‘symptoms’ to be looked at individually.

And as Nageer was thinking of the “other, more truly significant things that could have been done with that money …(such as helping ) the youth camp …(and temporarily) alleviating the situation of ) women like…S – a domestic, who’s left with a mere $500 spending money at the end of the day. (And) Women like …seat mate …a security guard with seven children who has no choice but to leave them alone as she works 12-14-hour shifts at a time etc., isn't she inclined to similarly ask; how come these things have taken place in the first instance?

And yes, indeed “these women already know about the harmful effects of inequality, and that they deserve better” but it is the empowerment avenues available to them that Feminition sought to highlight. So if these unfortunate women do not want to “stay in abusive situations” they need to “work to change the conditions in (their) society” so that “dis-empowered women” would be transformed. And for sure “(t)ransformation does not come in days and a concert, fashion show, and expo just won’t do it,” (these they get all the time at their own leisure), but ‘Feminition’ is not a ‘jump up bacchanal.’ The concerned minister is seeking to put forward possibilities for the unfortunate of her ilk. She is seeking to change their thinking and to mobilize their efforts. This too will take time and effort, but it is better than ‘languishing in despair.’

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  1. Ok folks let's try tp please one & all

    We had many GUYexpos
    now we did GALexpo (FEMINITION)
    now lets please SASODOMITE with