Friday, May 6, 2011

AFC supporter protests being made to protest alongside PNC thugs.

-disappointed with low turn out despite Ramjattan and Sasenarine Singh having large number of family members in NY

SUDESH RAMJEWAN: AS a supporter of the AFC in New York, I assisted in organising the protest against the ACG/PPP event at Club Tobago. However, I am very disappointed with the turn out and the confusing so called leaders of the NY AFC. With the hard work, I expected over 100 protesters because of the large number of family members of Khemraj Ramjattan and Sase Singh in NY. To my surprise, just about 15 persons showed up. To make matters worse, we had to join the PNC and Benschop supporters, another 10 persons to protest while more than 450 persons were inside Club Tobago. Just think, the AFC joined a protest with criminals from the PNC and Benschop group. Isn’t that what caused the demise of ROAR and Ravi Dev? To make matters worse, after I objected to protesting together with these criminals, Sase Singh called Ramjattan who told us we must protest with the criminals.

I am done with the AFC, Ramjattan and the so called leaders of the NY AFC.


  1. they say that once a thief always a thief,so the fact that Ramjattan has eat,sleep and play wit criminals and also have them as major members of his party there is no way that you can expect him not to join with the supporters of Mark Benschop and the PNC.

  2. I think you have made a wise decision to leave the AFC when you have to deal with lunatics like Khemraj Ramjattan and the Scoundrel and thief Sasenarine Singh you have one by the name of crack eye Brandon Samaroo who is blogging a lot of garbage in the SN do think these people can run a country