Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AFC Executive member attempting to deprive man of land on drug dealer's behalf.

Cathy Hughes receiving donation from Bramma's bother

A L.B.I family is now fearful for their lives after an encounter with a local drug baron and his lawyer over his refusal to sell land that belongs to him.
According to Jaipaul Mohabir, his land which he obtained lawfully back in 1995, is in close proximity to a property which was acquired by Bramanand 'Brammo' Nandalall a.k.a Bramanand Rambarichie some time in 1997. He said that in 2009 he was approached on Brammo's behalf by AFC executive member and Lawyer, Nigel Hughes, who along with his wife, Cathy Hughes, shares a very close relationship with Brammo, to sell his land and he refused.
Jaipaul says that ever since his home was repeatedly visited and he and his family were threatened by men in several heavily tinted vehicles. He and his wife were even followed on some occasions, all the way to Georgetown.

He recently learned that moves are afoot to deprive him of his property through the manipulation of the legal and judicial system after he was told by a friend of his at the High Court's Registry that Hughes made several attempts to obtain his transport. Jaipaul and his family have since relocated in fear for their lives.


  1. The AFC wants to play bully and this is not the first time that they are involve in these such activities.

  2. The AFC members never cease to amaze me at the stunts they try to pull off… How is it that every time you hear AFC, it’s coupled with “drugs” and “lies”…? It therefore tells me that these people are bad news and are definitely NOT fit for any leadership position!