Monday, May 16, 2011

The targeting of a female QC student in Propaganda Press is despicable

Propaganda Press

Deven Sooklall: The innocent should not live in fear of being an online target under any circumstance. In this age of digital communications, there is a proliferation and easier accessibility for freedom of expression and opinions to occur.
Contrary, there are vile villains who abuse these liberties by establishing websites that aim to increase fear and thus intimidate anyone who are not actively participating in the villians’ causes.
The recent random targeting of a female QC student in Propaganda Press clearly justifies the unlawful tactics that are present within the circumference of that “anti-government” website.
From harbouring political attacks to victimising Guyanese citizens, Propaganda Press is operated by anonymous persons who use extra-judicial techniques to perform sinister online acts on their political rivals, and more recently, victimizing persons who oppose their views.
If Sherlina Nageer and Vidyaratha Kissoon are indeed innocent of their alleged involvement in Propaganda Press, then they deserve the respect and rights that are entitled to everyone.

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  1. This is just over the top on the behalf of the editor(s) and or publisher(s) on the anti government website Propaganda Press… They already are well known for bashing and talking against good works of the Government and now them targeting young school girls? Have some sort of limit or some breaks… Some people really idle… I often wonder if these people that readily criticize the Government have conscience. I doubt it because they benefit from and use evenly from the same initiatives and developments by this same Government. Smh!!