Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malcom Harripaul sold his soul to Satan

Malcom Harripaul

David Granger Corbin's creature promised his squaddie and former customs officer, Malcom Harripaul lil wuk if he win di election.
Harripaul's grouse with the PPP stemmed from his dismissal from the fraud squad after he took a bribe during a sting operation conducted by his employers.


  1. When you take a good look at this guy face you can see that how crooked he is.
    This guy used to work at the wharf and used to take a lot of bribe stuffing money in his socks how can you trust people like this

  2. Harripaul will fit right in with the rest of these crooks of the PNC.The thing is that he will have to wait for a very long time to get the job that Granger promise him cause he wont stand a chance at this year election.

  3. The PNC has a record of and likes to hook up with all of the big time criminals, likewise the AFC… Corbin and Granger are two comics whose shows are about to end... Curtains will soon be closing, so dance Corbin and Granger!