Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Email exposes AFC plan to disrupt PPP New York meeting

-AFC executive member says act was a show of force against Richmond Hill Guyanese by the AFC

The email correspondence between AFC executives obtained by Liveinguyana

An email correspondence obtained by our undercover operatives reveal a detailed plan by the AFC to disrupt the PPP's New York meeting held recently. In the email exchange between Dr Rohan Somar and Paul Saunders, both AFC executive members, various ways to disrupt the meeting were discussed.
Saunders wrote "I believe that your project there is to show them that you are a power to reckon with. Richmond Hill is complacent, given the fact it has traditional East Indian Guyanese who support to the memory of Cheddi Jagan. They are not voters, by the way, so there is no need to win them".
The email was CC'd to AFC members Lionel Peters, Sasenarine Singh, Ron Alert, Charles Sugrim, Mahendra Jagmohan among others.

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  1. These are the devious plan and things that the AFC is all about disruption of productive meeting of the PPP Government.